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Strategic Vision
   QUATRONIX is for those customers who realize that processes, not transactions, determine the
   efficiency of a company's supply chain and who understand that price is rarely the critical issue
   in the rush to market. These customers demand much more than just parts and service. They
   want suppliers who are:
      Standards-based with deep domain expertise
      Trustworthy and responsive
      Able to help them squeeze every possible efficiency out of their supply chain
      and  every process in that chain
   The QUATRONIX customer wants supplier relationships that are structured and secure, with
   competitive prices, terms, delivery, quality, warranty, scheduling, logistics and planning.
   Relationships that are based on:
      Communication and coordinationˇ­not price
      Product roadmapsˇ­ not transactions
      Solutionsˇ­not sales
   If we choose to work together, QUATRONIX will assemble a multi-disciplinary team of experts  
   specifically selected to address your company's needs. This team This team will be hand-
   selected and include distribution professionals, manufacturing experts and any other
   consultants or specialists required to deal with your specific needs. It is in many respects a
   ˇ°virtualˇ± team of experts assembled for one purposeˇ­to help you build a supply chain that
   moves faster, more efficiently and more profitably. We want to help you be ˇ°Best in Classˇ±.
   QUATRONIX can help you analyze every aspect of your operation, define requirements and
   Staying competitive in today's environment requires constant evaluation of all your
   manufacturing systems in order to find ways to reduce costs. It means learning to focus on your 
   primary products and markets and outsourcing services that are not part of your core  
   QUATRONIX can help you squeeze every unnecessary dollar out of your manufacturing  
   processes. We provide cost-effective electronic design, analysis,
   prototyping and production documentation to meet your time-critical requirements. And because
   we are in touch with the latest technology and newest products every day, there is virtually no
   learning curve.
   We will help you identify and address cost reduction opportunities throughout the electronic
   assembly manufacturing process including:
     Design and development
     Prototyping and pre-production pilots
     New product introductions
     Volume manufacturing
     End of life issues
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